America has the dubious distinction of being the fattest country in the world. Twnutritional-counseling-beforeo-thirds of us are overweight and one-third are clinically obese. Poor diet is a primary contributor to our epidemic of obesity—and the surest solution to weight loss is to correct dietary indiscretions and incorporate regular exercise into the equation. A significant percent of overweight people have diabetes, and unless they can get a handle on their weight, millions more are heading toward this degenerative condition. The good news is, most of our patients have been able to control their weight and their blood sugar—without drugs—simply by changing their diet and exercising regularly.

There is no question that a poor diet increases the risk and severity of cardiovascular disease and that dietary changes can reverse disease markers such as high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It has also been clearly established that diet plays a role in cancer, digestive disorders, and many other diseases. No matter what your health concern, the nutritional education programs and personalized counseling we offer.