Ljiljana Vasic

Ljiljana VasicRNNC, MEP-C

A practicing clinician for over three decades, Ljiljana has worked in intensive care, trauma, and emergency medicine. Complementing her sojourn in major Los Angeles hospitals, Ljiljana gained an AA in Fine Arts, focusing on drawing, painting, and sculpture to enhance her specialties in aesthetic medicine.

For the past fifteen years, Ljiljana has practiced regenerative medicine in the form of laser dermatology, transdermal therapy, mesotherapy, and sclerotherapy. Focusing on the integrity as well as the beauty of the skin, Ljilijana is experienced in using Botox and dermal fillers in conjunction with chemical peels to achieve the best possible results in skin care. Healing touch, acupressure, Chigong, macrobiotics counseling, and watsu are integrated into her practice to provide maximum patient health outcomes. Continuing her professional education, Ljiljana is currently studying functional diagnostic nutrition (FDN) as a new methodology in integrative medicine to benefit patients.